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2012:   hungarian press photo 2011          daily life story 1st prize

2011:   hungarian press photo 2010          portraits stories 3rd prize

                                                                   sport stories 3rd prize

2009:   hungarian press photo 2008          art stories 2nd prize


2008:   world press photo 2008                 contemporary issues single 2nd prize

            hungarian press photo 2007          escher karoly grand prix

            hungarian state honour                  balogh rudolf award


2007:   world press photo 2007                 general news stories 1st prize

            hungarian press photo 2006          news stories 1st prize


2006:   hungarian press photo 2005          art stories 2nd prize


2003:   joseph pulitzer memorial awards for the photographers of magyar hirlap


2000:   hungarian press photo 1999          nature single 1st prize

                                                                   sport stories 2nd prize


1999:   hungarian press photo 1998          sport single 3rd prize


1996:   hungarian press photo 1995          news stories 1st prize